Heart Health - Tips For the Working Woman

Billy Joel, one of my admired singer/songwriters if I was adolescent may not accept accomplished he gave us a admired clue that "working too harder can accord us a affection attack, yak, yak, yak".

"The science has apparent it! And, you estimated it, it is worse for women. In fact, women in accumulated America accept been apparent to ache from affection attacks at a amount 7x that of their non alive babe friends. Why? It's the stress. But, how does accent do this?

Here's the catch. Men in the plan force acknowledge to accent with testosterone. Adult activity (force) requires adult hormones. Unfortunately, if women use lots of adult activity and are beneath accent they are fueled by an access in cortisol - the accent hormone. On a biochemical level, cortisol depletes our progesterone which in about-face can advance to imbalances with our estrogen and testosterone as well. All of this can advance to the "stress" (apple shaped) abdomen with its after accident of Diabetes and Affection Disease.

So what's a alive women declared to do??? Well, we can alpha by acquirements added about the amazing antecedent of ability that comes with femininity. Feminine forms of ability accept afflicted the apple and, I accept begin added able success and abundant beneath accent by borer into these different powers. Secondly, we can apprentice how to reboot or furnish ourselves.

Take a few abysmal breaths we tap into Serenity.

Simple yoga stretches during the day will absolution stress.

Support from our colleagues will aswell broadcast our stress.

Eat advantageous foods and alcohol affluence of water.

Take an alfresco breach or plan out breach during the day

Be assertive that you yield time to accord yourself a breach amid bearing results. (more on alteration time and rituals later)

To a advantageous alive women at home or in the office!