Top Health Tips for the Elderly to Start You Off in the Right Direction

1. Don't begrudge spending money on your own comfort, bloom and superior of life. You deserve it!


The government's anniversary ammunition allowance of £200 is meant to be acclimated for our amore and comfort, and to affluence the anguish of the added heating bill.

The Winter Ammunition Payments Advice band is 0845 9 151515

If you are accepting a affliction or income-related benefit, you may be able to affirmation a admission of up to £2,500 for insulation and heating improvements. Call Home Energy Efficiency Arrangement 0800 952 0600.

If you accept affliction and income-related allowances you can affirmation Algid Weather Payments if the temperature avalanche beneath 00 C for 7 afterwards days.

There is aswell the Staywarm scheme. For a anchored allegation you can use as abundant gas or electricity as you need. 0800 1 694 694

Finally, if you are clumsy to pay your winter ammunition bill, in the aboriginal instance acquaintance your supplier answer your botheration and allegorical them that you are a pensioner. Acceptable account account remembering, is that electricity companies and British Gas accept a action of not disconnecting pensioners amid 1 October and 31 March - so accumulate balmy and don't panic.



(Now, I've never smoked so I admiration what happened to my £91,OOO?)

2. Accumulate your apperception active, crosswords, sudoka, hobbies, etc. NEVER STOP LEARNING. If you accept an absorbed mind, humans are added acceptable to adore your aggregation and be absorbed in you.

3. Accumulate your physique active. As the adage goes, if you don't use it, you'll lose it

Walk in the beginning air if possible. If you adore aggregation while you are walking again accompany a circuitous group. (Often 'rambling clubs' for the retired are added socially absorbed 'ambling clubs'). Gardening combines the allowances of beginning air, exercise and the after-effects can accord you immeasurable pleasure. Dancing; decidedly accumulation or band dancing contest the anamnesis also. Swimming, is a decidedly acceptable exercise for all locations of the physique with the added advantage that the baptize is acknowledging you and accordingly there is no weight on the joints.

4. Augment your physique with the actual foods. You wouldn't apprehend your car to plan calmly if you fed it the incorrect fuel. So augment your physique with alimental foods that accommodate the all-important vitamins and minerals in adjustment for it to acknowledgment optimum performance. With winter abutting we charge to body up our allowed system, so in accession to a able-bodied counterbalanced diet of beginning fruit, beginning vegetables and alimentative protein (laced with the allowances of abstinent olive oil and garlic), we should add a few supplements to advice us on our way. In accession to a acceptable multi-vitamin tablet, you'll apparently account from added Vitamin C, Echinacea, EPA angle oils, selenium, ginko biloba to aid circulation, decidedly to the extremities, and glucosomine to advice with those aching joints.

Don't overlook your flu jab and the jab adjoin pneumonia for the over 70's.

There is aswell absolutely accomplished account on the accepted algid front. At continued endure there appears to be something that stops a algid developing. Vicks Aboriginal Defence is a aerosol that you use at the aboriginal assurance of a algid and it stops the algid virus in its tracks. This phenomenon goes on auction during October 05.

5. Socialise. Possibly I don't accept to admonish you about this as the majority of retired folk I accommodated accuse that they are busier now than anytime they were, that there are not abundant hours in the day, and they admiration how they anytime begin time to go to work.

There are so abounding clubs and groups to join. To name a few accepted ones, U3A (University of the Third Age) for both sexes and with absorbing speakers, and alms abundant sub sections for specific accumulation interests and hobbies, Women's Institute, (has acquired a new angel afterwards the blur Calendar Girls), Townswomen's Guild, Gardening Clubs, Art Clubs, etc., and abounding clubs aimed accurately at the retired.

If carriage is a problem, bethink a lot of bounded authorities action chargeless or bargain bus fares for chief citizens and biking tokens for the disabled. There is a Chief Railcard for bargain alternation fares for the over 60's. National Express accept a Routesixty Arrangement which enables over 60's to biking civic actual cheaply (Tel 08705 808080). Also, occasionally, National Express action their 'go anywhere for £5 scheme'.

If you accept adversity in accepting about the town, again there is Shopmobility area you can appoint advancement scooters (various models and sizes available) and electric and chiral wheelchairs. Shopmobility is usually manned by cadre who will be alone too admiring to acquaint and acquiesce you to convenance afore you are let apart on the town. Aswell there is the added advantage that there is usually a chargeless car esplanade absorbed to Shopmobility for clients' convenience. If you accept adversity in application accessible transport, generally bounded authorities accommodate a 'dial-a-ride' account from your home to the arcade centre.

Well, whatever you do - ENJOY IT! We were consistently told that amusement is the best anesthetic and now we apperceive it to be accurate - it raises the serotonin levels in the academician and gives you that 'feel good' factor.